Bresnan Communications - Bresnan unethical practices


My apartment came with basic cable service, so I went to Bresnan for bundled cable internet service. I asked for the cheapest, most basic internet service.

The rep said the cheapest was 42.95. I enquired, and she said she would try to get me on a special. Basic service was 24.95. She said she got me on a special which went up to 42.95 after 2 months.

After finally confronting the office in person, my service went to the lower rate: no adjustment. I filed a complaint with the BBB.

After two attempts at resolving this issue by the BBB, no reply from Bresnan. Nice to see such ethical business practices making such a great example.

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Bresnan_Its personal! so personal in fact that one of their "higher ups" and his wife have been hacking my phone and invading my privacy for years.Perhaps they have paid off the police like in the Murdoch scandal going on because the local police wont do anything about it...Im glad to hear that SOMEONE is being prosecuted for it!


Cable interent with speeds less than dialup. How can they continue to get away with the worst service in the industry.

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